One-Click Traffic Acquisition

Simplify traffic acquisition like never before


Automated Ads

MetaDSP can automatically generate creatives for your customers across Search, Display and Social channels


Multiple Traffic Sources

MetaDSP can create campaigns on multiple traffic sources with one push of a button


Automated Optimization

All campaigns are optimized 24/7 using our patent-pending technology using Google Analytics session data


Drive high quality traffic and conversions to your own website, or to your customer's websites using MetaDSP. White-label support with full customization provided by default.

Over 2,571+ customers trust MetaDSP

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This video shows a sneak-peak of the MetaDSP admin console. For a more detailed deep dive into the platform please book a demo with our partner management team.

How It Works

We created the easiest platform for traffic acquisition, all powered by A.I.


Enter Website URL

When creating a campaign, the first step is to enter the website URL you want to drive traffic to. No additional information required.


Choose Target Locations

Select the countries/cities you want to drive traffic from, we recommend a maximum of 4 countries.


MetaDSP Scrapes the Website

Our engine will use the URL you entered to extract all the information required (images, text, meta data, keywords, competitors etc..) This data will be used by our engine to determine the best traffic source for the website, and will be used to create multiple variations of ads to use. You can also provide your own creatives and banners if you wish.


Campaign Enters the Testing Phase

MetaDSP will create several campaigns on multiple traffic sources it selects and will use the Ads created using the extracted data to test which variations will generate the best traffic. All testing traffic is free and you won't get charged for it.


Website Starts Receiving Traffic

As soon as the testing phase is done, the engine shuts down all the traffic sources that are not performing well. Your delivery starts here and you should be able to see the traffic on your dashboard or on Google Analytics

Agency Solutions

Get a white-label version of MetaDSP with full customization. We work with tens of Content, SEO, and Web Development agencies who want to bundle traffic delivery with their offerings.


Company Solutions

MetaDSP provides businesses of all sizes with laser targeted, and high-quality website visitors and conversions, using only the push of a button, with full control and transparency.


What You Get

Ease Of Use

The whole process of creating a campaign on MetaDSP takes 10 seconds

White-label support

You can use MetaDSP to drive traffic to your own websites, or use it as a white-label to drive traffic for your customers

Pay only for traffic received

You will pay only for the traffic (sessions) received as per your Google Analytics

Full transparency

You can see exactly where each and very visitor is coming from to your website. All data is sent to Google Analytics for easy reporting

No Locked Contract

Get Started with MetaDSP

You are one step away from automating your customer and traffic acquisition