How it Works

MetaDSP uses a unique process to ensure each website gets the highest quality and most relevant traffic. This ensures great results in the shortest time.

Launching a campaign

Launching a new campaign couldn't be easier and takes less than 10 seconds. Once you get access to our platform, you can launch a campaign in 3 simple steps.

Create the Campaign

Enter some basic data for the website: URL, Geo Target, Device, Campaign Duration, Budget, and Cost Per Visit you're willing to pay.

Campaign Setup

For ultimate quality, we recommend linking Google Analytics and/or installing a pixel on the website you will drive traffic to

That's it!

Everything else is taken care of by MetaDSP. Traffic will flow to the website in 24 hours or less. You can over-ride everything in advanced settings if you want.

Campaign Execution Process

Once a campaign is created, it goes through the following steps


Campaign Creation

MetaDSP will create campaigns on multiple traffic sources based on the A.I recommendations using creatives provided by you or generated dynamically using the website content


Campaign Approval

Once campaigns are created, they need to be approved by the traffic source to ensure they comply with the guidelines and requirements imposed by the traffic source


Testing Phase

Once the campaigns are approved, the testing phase will start. You will start receiving traffic which will be analyzed to identify the best sources, ad variations, and targeting parameters to use. Traffic sent during this phase is free.


Delivery Phase

Once testing is complete, the engine will be fully calibrated to the best performing traffic sources, targeting parameters, and ad variations. You will start receiving high-quality traffic and you can start monitoring this traffic in Google Analytics.



You can setup auto-renewal for the campaigns you run, so you continue to get traffic everyday for as long as you choose.

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