Automated Optimization

Creating a campaign is just the start. Campaign optimization is the most time consuming and difficult part of traffic acquisition. MetaDSP can fully automate this process.

MetaDSP Automates Campaign Optimization

Campaign optimization is a continuous process to ensure you are making the most out of your campaign budget.

It requires continuous changes to the bid, targeting options, the Ad variations and so on.

MetaDSP will take care of that by monitoring your campaign and Ad performance automatically and adjusting them to lower your cost and increase their effectiveness.

MetaDSP shuts down any campaign/ad that is spending your budget and not getting you the required results, it will also adjust the bid by increasing it or lowering it depending on the results.

What does MetaDSP Optimize for?

MetaDSP connects to your Google Analytics and uses it as a source of information on the traffic quality.

Depending on type of business, high quality metrics might mean a higher time on site, higher engagement and pages per session or a higher conversion rate (GA Goals). MetaDSP will monitor the performance of each session/visit and will optimize based on the data. Shutting down bad performing ads, and doubling down and well performing ones.

Ready to start automating your campaigns optimization?

Campaign optimization is the most important piece of your overall advertising strategy. Automate your efforts to detect negative keywords, target the right audience and use the correct Ad text.