We never lock you into a long contract – yet most of our customers have stayed with us for years.


Only pay for the traffic you get

You choose how much you are willing to pay per each visitor (Cost Per Visit) along with your budget, MetaDSP will let you know approximately how many visitors you will get for the budget and CPV you set.

You will only be charged for the actual traffic you receive as per your own Google Analytics.

Included Functionality

  • Automated Ads Creation
  • A/B Testing of different Ads
  • Campaign running on multiple platforms
  • Automated optimization
  • Free Testing budget
  • Transparent Cost Per Visit

The benefits of Using MetaDSP

Some main benefits of using our unique platform

Full Automation

The whole process of creating and optimizing campaigns is fully automated. It takes less than 10 seconds to setup a campaign.

24/7 Support

You will get a dedicated partner manager. Dedicated 24/7 support available for no extra cost.

Full Transparency

You will know exactly which traffic source each visitor is coming from. All data is passed into your own Google Analytics.

Unlimited Campaigns

You can run an unlimited number of campaigns through our platform with no extra cost


Get a fully customized version of our platform with your own branding, logos, and details. Agencies around the world drive traffic to their customers using MetaDSP.

Common Questions

Below are common questions we receive from our customers.

01. What determines the CPV?

The Cost Per Visit depends on the website category and the geo-targeting selected. MetaDSP will give you a recommended range. You are free to choose the CPV you want.

02. Any prohibited categories?

Websites that are in the adult, gambling, alcohol, tobacco, fire-arms categories are not allowed.

03. Is there a budget minimum?

No. You are free to choose the budget you want for each campaign you run.

04. Can I select traffic sources?

It's best to let the A.I select the optimum traffic sources for your website based on its learnings. However you can control which sources to receive traffic from.

Still have Questions?