Multivariate Testing

Regardless of the Ad type or the traffic source, MetaDSP will create multiples of variations of the Ad and will test and optimize automatically to select the best-performing ones.

Test Multiple Ads and Variations Automatically

MetaDSP will not only create multiple variations of Ads for each campaign, but it will also monitor the performance in real time and shuts down the variations that aren’t converting.


Run multiple variations of the Ads

MetaDSP will automatically creates multiple variations of the Ads for every traffic source used.


Monitor the performance

The engine will then monitor the quality of every visit and track the Ad variation that is sending the visit.


Choose the best performing Ads

Based on the performance of the Ads, the engine will then shut down the ones that are not performing well

How A/B Testing Works

MetaDSP collects data from your website and creates different variations of ads using:

  • Page Titles
  • Meta Data
  • Extracted Images
  • Call to Actions
  • Competitors Websites Data

A/B Testing is included in your package

Phase 1 - Testing (FREE)

  • All the Ads Are Running On Multiple Traffic Sources
  • Monitoring of the visit quality

Phase 2 - Delivery of Quality Visits

  • All the bad performing traffic sources stops
  • All the bad performing Ads are removed

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